The Hostile Environment Tour Workshop at the Who Are We? Project Tate Exchange London 23-27 May 2018

Hostile Environment Tour
The Hostile Environment Tour takes you around ten key ‘sites’ where the border is enacted in our communities, public and private services. Each site explains how the hostile environment is enforced, and how it makes some people border guards and criminalises others. Walking around the sites will help understand the web of immigration controls and surveillance in our daily lives.

Come and make a poster at the workshop, run by artists, activists and academics fighting the hostile environment. Leave one to be part of the exhibition and take one away with you to continue the exhibition and the fight outside the workshop!

This group has been brought together to run three creative workshops on the hostile environment as part of the Who Are We? Project. Members from the Art/Law Network, Liberty, Hunger for Freedom strikers, SOAS Detainee Support, Protest Stencil and other grass roots groups will lead the workshops and help take your understanding of the hostile environment beyond these sites.

The workshops will run 3-6pm Wednesday 23rd and Saturday 26th;and 1-4pm Sunday 27th May as part of the Who Are We? Programme at the Tate Exchange.

The 2018 programme explores the production of people and place with a rich range of connected sub-themes: housing, displacement, memory and migration, movement, politics of language teaching, the design of a hostile environment, rural, regional and urban ecosystems, transformations, food, environmental and racial justice.

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