Art & Diversity – Closing Event SEAS The Other House Exhibition BMECP Centre Brighton Sunday 27 May 2018

Iranian, Syrian, Palestinian & Israeli… no, it is not a start of a joke. These are some of the artists who exhibiting in the cutting edge exhibition “The Other House”, curated by Counterpoints Arts and SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon, Brighton. The exhibition concentrates on social and political art as well as participatory practices.
In The Other House exhibition, you will encounter a haunted home – haunted by social and economic exclusion, by wars, by gender discrimination and by environmental disasters…The twenty two artists in the exhibition were selected via an international open call and among them Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian Algerian Israeli, Spanish, Irish, as well as local artists. Some of the artists are early career while others have been exhibited in places such as the Tate Modern, British Museum, Turner Contemporary and abroad.
The exhibition includes installations, performances, photography and paintings.  It depicts among other stories the horrendous experiences of Iranian painter Nasrin Parvas in a museum in Tehran that was turned into a women’s jail; a stunning photography campaign about housework by Julia Andrews-Clifford; The New Union Flag Project by Gil Mualem-Doron – an artistic proposal to change the Union Jack; a photography project of child slave labour in quarries in India by Bharat Patel; and paintings by Josef Cabey depicting the not easy position of being gay and black.
Some works were made through months of group collaborations, for example with the International Woman’s Network and another with a refugee group of the English Migrant Project.
On Sunday May 27th 15:00 SEAS will host a roundtable discussion with ACE’s representative, curators and artists on the issue of Art & Diversity.
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