STATE OF PRINT: Contested Land-Space-Planet-Title March 22 2024

STATE OF PRINT: Contested Land-Space-Planet-Title

Join Generator Projects and STATE OF PRINT for a one-day symposium exploring print practices, structures of ‘state’ and contested spaces.


09:30 – 09:45

Welcome: Introducing STATE OF PRINT

Paul Harrison, Scott Hudson, Catherine Hehir and Noelle Noonan

09:45 – 10:45

Leena Nammari, Kate O’Shea, and Professor Antony Black

“Palestine is not contested land. Palestine is not disputed land” by Leena Nammari. “Where does it come from? Building a social movement archive” by Kate O’Shea. “The Authority and Limits of the State” by Professor Antony Black

10:45 – 11:15


Coffee, tea and homemade biscuits

11:15 – 12:15

Professor Thomas Giddens, Hannah Fitzpatrick, and Rachel Doolin

“All Roads Lead to Times New Roman: The Typography of Baigent v Random House” by Professor Thomas Giddens. “Maps and cartography” by Hannah Fitzpatrick. “Heirlooms Project” by Rachel Doolin.

12:15 – 12:45

Lada Wilson, Rhi Mudaliar, and Monica Madas

“unsettled State of [BE]longing” by Lada Wilson. “GRAFFITI: PUBLIC EXPRESSIONS OF COLLECTIVE OWNERSHIP” by Rhi Mudaliar. “Reimagining My Family Album” by Monica Madas.

12:45 – 13:45


Vegan lunch, homemade by the Generator Committee <3

13:45 – 14:25

Paola McClure, Dr Katie Potapoff, Susan Torrance, and Louise Ritchie

“Mirror and Root” by Paola McClure. “land acknowledgement” by Katie Potapoff. “Our Systemic Failure to Build Homes” by Susan Torrance. “Quiet Spaces” by Louise Ritchie

14:30 – 15:30

Mary Modeen, Marilyn Lennon, and Hamer Dodds

“Bogs and Wetlands” by Mary Modeen. “KinShip Project” by Marilyn Lennon. “Soilworks – gleanings from many fields” by Hamer Dodds.

15:30 – 16:00


16:00 – 17:00

Dr Gavin Renwick, Killian Dunne, Manchán Magan

“Acculturation by Design, Self Determination through Art” by Dr Gavin Renwick. “Calendar of The Harvest” by Killian Dunne. “Listening to the Land” by Manchán Magan.

About this event

Speakers include: Kate O’Shea, Professor Thomas Giddens, Rachel Doolin, Professor Mary Modeen, Manchán Magan, Rhi Mudaliar, Paola McClure, Lada Wilson, Dr Katie Potapoff, Susan Torrance, Louise Ritchie, Monica Madas. More to be confirmed closer to the event.

This symposium precedes the formal opening of STATE OF PRINT at Generator Projects (23rd March – 14th April). The exhibition is a collaboration between four artists based in Scotland and Ireland (Paul Harrison, Scott Hudson, Catherine Hehir and Noelle Noonan) in the form of a collective/iterative exhibition and series of events exploring print practices ‘statehood’. The project has been hosted in various cities, including here in Dundee (DCA), Cork, Limerick, Barcelona, Santander and most recently in Bristol as a key feature (Keynote) of the IMPACT International Printmaking Conference hosted by the Centre for print Research at UWE.

Join us in-person or online. Attendance is free.

Drop in for a session, or join us for the whole day.

Please email with any questions or access requirements.

You can find more information on State of Print here and Generator Projects here.

This event is funded by the British Art Network

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