MIGRANTS MAKE CULTURE Together against the Hostile Environment Spitalfields London 18 January 2020

Together against the Hostile Environment

When: Saturday 18th January
Where: Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane, Spitalfields
Time: 9.30am-6pm
Tickets: from £0

This is an Activation Day for migrants, people of colour and allies working in the cultural sector.
We want to connect and build a movement able to resist the government’s Hostile Environment Policy, and to work towards a cultural sector for us all to thrive.
We want to start 2020 together, and focus our collective imagination, intelligence and energies on building a cultural sector that is open and accountable to migrants, people of colour and others impacted by unjust immigration policies.
We will meet, eat, laugh, learn, strategise and organise together.
We will share migrant-led strategies in the company of United Voices of the World, Migrants Organise, Unis Resist Border Controls, Asia-Art-Activism, Counterpoints Arts, performingborders, Foreign Actions Production, and Shubbak Roundtable
We will exercise our imaginations with fiction writer Season Butler.
We will create collective demands with NEON movement builders.
We will plot out our next steps, stronger together.
This is an accessible and sober event, with three disabled migrants tickets being supported by Unlimited. For more information on access support including childcare, please email us by 7 January on:
Give us a hand
Migrants in Culture & Keep it Complex are voluntarily run networks without regular funding. You can give us a hand by paying more for your ticket, buying merch on the day and sharing the word about this event.
Help us organise on the day
Email or with your skills and availability. 
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