Migrants in Culture National Survey

Migrants in Culture is a network of migrant cultural workers and allies organising against the UK Home Office Hostile Environment Policy.

We have launched a national survey to map the impact of the Hostile Environment Policy on the cultural sector. This survey is aimed at ALL those working and studying in the cultural sector.

Why? We are particularly concerned about the policy’s impact on cultural workers who are migrants and non-white citizens and the ability of senior management, human resources and governanceto respond effectively.

Survey findings will be published and inform how we can work with all allies, including yourselves, to ensure that our sector leads cultures that create welcoming, not hostile environments.

Can you help us get this survey out? You can this by:

–      Filling in the survey now. It is anonymous and takes 10 minutes.

–      Sharing the survey within the organisation/s you work for

–      Sharing the survey on mailing lists and social media

This survey is supported by Migrants Organise, ITC, Artsquest, Artsadmin, Art/Law Network, Performing Borders, Live Art Development Agency, Ovalhouse, Precarious Workers Brigade amongst others.

For more information about the survey

For more detail about Migrants in Culture

Twitter: @MigrantsCulture

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Thanks so much,

Joon Lynn

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