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The Sculpture Walk


From 6-8 September we were delighted to host our first (and hopefully not last!) fantastic Art/Law Stream at the Critical Legal Conference, this year hosted by the Open University Law School, Milton Keynes.

We had some brilliant interventions on the art/law/aesthetics/politics intersection, from scoping legal objects and artefacts with Swastee Ranjan and Mothiur Rahman, where Mothiur introduced everyone to the famous Milton Keynes ‘concrete cows’; a very relaxed, informative and slightly comedic tour of the OU’s sculpture led by Sean Mulcahy; complex and scintillating histories of capital, forms of advertising, intellectual property and resistance with Adat Rosenberg, Jeremy Pilcher and Danilo Mandic; unravelling the visual and witnessing in law with Dorota Gozdecka and Sophie Doherty; discussions of legal musicality, legal research and creativity and art/law with Sean Mulcahy, Chris Dent and Lucy Finchett-Maddock; and most poignantly the wonderful installation and inspiring talk on her practice with artist and lawyer Jane Hinde.


A productive and fun few days we had, here are to more!  Have a look at here for the full list of abstracts and hope you enjoy the wonderful photos of Jane’s work, as well as some of the talks.

Thanks to all those who participated and to the stream organisers Sean Mulcahy and Lucy Finchett-Maddock.

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Mothiur Rahman’s Concrete Cows

Photos from As they fell, I scratched my way out with a pen (Installation) – Jane Hinde, Artist and Lawyer:



CLC 2018 Art/Law Stream Schedule


Panel 1 – Material Law

Chair: Sean Mulcahy

Well-Ventilated Utopias: The Architecture of International Legal Organisations 1922 – 1952

Miriam Bak McKenna, Lund University

Law and Aesthetics of MaterialObjects – The Plural role of Matter and Affect

Swastee Ranjan, University of Sussex

Milton Keynes & Liz Leyh’s Concrete Cows: Law as Artefact and Cows as Agents of Change

Mothiur Rahman, New Economy Law & Art/Law Network

Session 2 – Sculpture Walk

A viewing of the Open University outdoor art collection

Panel 3 – Performing Capital 

Chair: Lucy Finchett-Maddock

Un-Doing Law – Public Art as Contest Over Meanings

Petr Agha, Institute of State and Law, Czech Academy of Sciences Charles University

‘The meat extract is entitled to plead artistic licence’: Advertising, Art and Law(s)

Anat Rosenberg, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya

Art, the Law, and Unstable Corporate Identities

Jeremy Pilcher, Birkbeck College


Panel 3 – Visual Boundaries

Chair:   Swastee Ranjan

Visualising Justice: Sexual Violence, Law and Art

Sophie Doherty, Durham University

The Hierarchy of Innocence and Images of Migrant Children

Dorota Anna Gozdecka, University of Helsinki

Depth, waiting and the threshold: immigration detention in law and film

Emma Patchett, University of Helsinki

Panel 4 – Art/Law

Chair:   Jeremy Pilcher

Legal Research as Acts of (Reactionary) Creativity

Chris Dent, Murdoch University

A Theory of Art/Law

Lucy Finchett-Maddock, University of Sussex

Singing the Law: On Musical Legal Performance

Sean Mulcahy, University of Warwick & Monash University

Session 5 – Art/Law in Practice

Chair:   Lucy Finchett-Maddock & Sean Mulcahy

As they fell, I scratched my way out with a pen (Installation)

Jane Hinde, Artist and Lawyer


Panel 6 – Art, Norm, Colonisation

Chair:   Mothiur Rahman

Anxious and Ambivalent: Art, Law and the Legacies of Slavery and Caribbean Relations

Anne Bottomley, Kent University

Evading Innocence: Embodied Queer Performance and Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code

Tara Atlari, Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology

When Concepts Become Norm: Copyright Law through Conceptual Art

Danilo Mandic, University of Westminster



Jeremy Pilcher and Anat Rosenberg discuss advertising, law and aesthetics.
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