Sonic Rebellions: Sound and Social Justice Symposium 5 June 2024 University of Brighton (UK) 12 June 2024 The London School of Economics (UK)

Sonic Rebellions: Sound and Social Justice Symposium 2024

5th June 2024, University of Brighton (UK)
12th June 2024, The London School of Economics (UK)

About the Events
In a collaboration between the University of Brighton and The London School of Economics, two successive Sonic Rebellions symposiums are bringing together sonic rebels to offer new perspectives on power, justice, and the role of sonic practices in solidarity, resistance and oppression. The Sonic Rebellions network comprises activists, academics, and artists asking: What is the relationship between sound and social justice? Continuing to build these connections, we welcome proposals on any aspect of sound and social justice from a range of research disciplines. Themes may include, but are not limited to:

·   ​Sonic methods and resistance in warfare
·   ​Music and its political implications
·   ​Rap music beyond the archive
·   ​Decoloniality and acoustic equality
·   ​Abolitionism and the policing of sound
·   ​Popular music, gender and knowledge

The first symposium will be hosted at the University of Brighton, followed by the second hosted at the London School of Economics. The events encourage proposals that may deviate from or innovate traditional conference styles. We are particularly interested in presentations or workshops which incorporate an interactive or audio element (within the scope of a standard AV set up). The invitation especially extends to PhD students, early-career researchers and practitioners. We are currently accepting proposals that would be held online. However, please note that in-person presentations will be prioritised.

The symposium at the University of Brighton is supported by the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE), and the symposium at The London School of Economics is supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

About Sonic Rebellions
During the inaugural Sonic Rebellions conference hosted at the University of Brighton in 2022, contributors demonstrated that social injustice takes different forms and consequences that have no geographical boundaries. From Palestine to Grenfell, Algeria to Brighton, the changing sounds of our cities and environments urges us to listen: what are we listening to, and how are we listening to them? Through mixtape workshops, audio-visual installations, rap lyrics, and listening walks, the sounds of freedom, power, care and rebellion could be heard and explored. At the close of the conference, the message of resistance in the face of social injustice was shared by renowned activist and rapper, Lowkey: ‘Resistance is fertile, not futile.’ It is with this sentiment that the organisers introduce the upcoming symposiums and welcome you to join the network of sonic rebels.

Submissions and Key Dates
To submit a proposal (of up to 1550 characters), please complete the application form below by Friday 5th April 2024:
We hope to respond to submissions by Friday 19th April 2024.

The editor of the inaugural Sonic Rebellions book (Forthcoming 2024) will be in contact with presenters about the possibility of a further publication, upon the successful acceptance of a proposal.

Additional Information
Please note that there will be no registration fee for presenters at these events and (vegan) catering will be provided. A limited amount of small travel bursaries will be available on a first come, first served basis for independent researchers and those in precarious employment. Venues will have wheelchair accessibility which may include use of an elevator.

For any additional queries, please feel free to get in touch:

With best wishes from the organisers,
Wanda Canton and Baljit Kaur

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