Serpentine Galleries R&D Platform Legal Lab Discussion 12:00 BST Tuesday 7 September 2021

7 September at 12:00 BST we bring you a discussion around the recently-published Legal Lab Report 1: Art + Tech/Science Collaborations. The report documents the Lab’s findings from survey and interview-based research and makes recommendations about how the law can better support collaborations across art, science and technology. Join Victoria Ivanova, R&D Strategic Lead, Alana Kushnir, Legal Lab Principal Investigator, and Marie Potel-Saville, founder of Amurabi on @serpentineUK’s Twitch to dive straight in. As ever, we are curious to hear your thoughts and questions about the report along with your ideas and proposals. You can peruse the report before you join us as we will leave time for your questions and comments! RSVP here to receive a reminder or just head to our Twitch for the live event.

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