Reminder – CfP: Art/Law Stream Critical Legal Conference The Open University 6-8 September 2018

The Art/Law Network is at this year’s CLC – coincidentally titled Art/Law where we are running a stream!

Stream Organisers: Lucy Finchett-Maddock (Sussex) and Sean Mulcahy (Warwick)

Submission of Abstracts:

Milton Keynes, despite its brutalist architecture, has a rich history of art and culture. It is home to Liz Leyh’s sculpture Concrete Cows, artwork by local painters Fionnuala Boyd and Les Evans, and work by community artist Bill Billings. Art was critical to the generation of Milton Keynes and now its regeneration. Often, however, there can be a lack of legal attention to the arts and vice versa.

In the spirit of drawing scholarly attention to the convergences of art and law, we invite contributions on the broad themes of art as law and law as art. Possible areas of engagement include, but are not limited to:

• Art in/as protest against the law
• Thresholds and margins in art/law
• Art as a pedagogical device in the teaching of law
• The effects of new media/technology on art/law
• Postcolonial futures in the study and practice of art/law
• Art as a mode of rehabilitating legal wrongs and ameliorating trauma
• Artistic responses to the legal regulation of intellectual property
• The legal implications of Brexit on the arts

The practice of art and law necessitates the gathering together of bodies in space to bear witness. This stream invites contact and collaboration with scholars and practitioners of art and law, and provides space to allow new critical convergences arising from the bringing of art into law and law into art. We also welcome creative responses to the stream themes.

Please submit panels or individual proposals or expressions of ideas together with an abstract and presenter bio to

Papers will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please send a 200 word abstract to the stream coordinators before the closing date of 31 July 2018.

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