Mhamad Safa showing ‘Red in Tooth’ Sussex Law and Art Research Cluster 5-6.30pm Wednesday 16 March 2022

Guest Visit by Mhamad Safa showing ‘Red in Tooth’ (made by Dala Nasser in collaboration with Mhamad Safa and Jad Youssef 2019). 

Wednesday 16th March 5-6.30pm Ashdown House Room 106, University of Sussex 

Sussex Law and Art Research Cluster 

Red in tooth was shot over the span of 3 months recording the drive to the Wazzani River along the Blue Line in the south of Lebanon – The demarcation line between Lebanon and Israel drawn by the United Nations succeeding the Israeli withdrawal from occupied Lebanese territories on June 7th, 2000. Around that river, a network of regular ground, air and sea patrolling, as well as border wall equipment, observational towers and radar detection, establish ubiquitous sensing environments that not only compute possible militant mobility, but renders any form of life a possible target. As this ambient surveillance oversees and secures practices of resource grabbing  from the Wazzani River, it became impossible to prevent its toxicity. Its symptoms had spread along wildlife’s behavior within a geography ready to erupt. This film upholds the futility of documenting this phenomena through representational methods. Rather it uses a mesh between moving image and sound to underscore a mapping, witnessing, sensing and ethnographic practice through which the governing forces along this territory would unfold.

Mhamad Safa Biography

Mhamad Safa is a sound producer, architect, and researcher, based between London and Beirut. His work focuses on the sonic make-ups of multi-scalar spatial and techno-scientific conditions. He explores their intersections with aural traditions, subcultural practices, and environments of conflict. He was a fellow at Ashkal Alwan HWP in 2018. He graduated from the Centre for Research Architecture and is currently a Phd candidate in International Law at the University of Westminster. Safa had shown individual and collaborative artwork and performances at Goethe Institute in Beirut, Arab Center for Architecture, the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, the Centre for Research Architecture in London, and the Sharjah Architecture Triennial among others.


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