‘HOMEing’ Online Seminar Series – Race, Precarity & Public Space FREE WEBINAR & Q&A (1pm, 14 December 2021) – Erasure & Memorialisation through Space: Tiger Bay & the Medical Military Museum

There will be a webinar on 14 December at 1pm, in which Adnan Shafi will discuss his research into the relationship between race, precarity and public space in the Cardiff/Tiger Bay in Wales. The Art/Law Network invited Adnan, a member of Butetown Matters and a Law & Politics student, to investigate how the diverse local community experienced the proposal to develop one of their few remaining green spaces for a national Military Medical Museum.

Rather than a conventional piece of written research, Adnan’s research output is in the format of an audio podcast, a trailer for which can be heard here. The research consisted of interviews he conducted with members of the Tiger Bay community and representatives of the Military Medical Museum. Some of his research also went into a non-academic magazine on social/ecological justice issues called “Resurgence & Ecologist” and an excerpt of his article is available here.

The “podcast-as-research” explores the main point of ideological conflict: Britannia Park. It is the only green space left in the Tiger Bay area and an area of public space within the ownership/control of Cardiff Council which has agreed to a plan for a Military Medical Museum to be constructed on the site. The research explores the impact of this proposed project through the lens of localised experience, eg. from views that the “dumping” of the Military Medical Museum nobody else wanted is neocolonial, to it being a failure of effective democratic governance, to others who are in full favour of the project progressing.

Free tickets available HERE

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