FEATURE: Art Law Colouring Book – courtesy of The Law Office of Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento

As we traverse the third (or is it fourth) round of some pandemic, many of you are left once again to your own devices when it comes to educating your children. With this in mind, The Art & Law Program has put together a colouring book on the topics of…yes, art and law.

The Art & Law Coloring Book is free to you and contains some good prompts and information for those of you that are also playing teacher. We have also found that providing children with our online version on an I-pad with pencil works great. You will notice smart kids locking-in on Locke’s Two Treatises of Government (pun intended), and not-so-smart kids simply colouring inside the lines. What kind of kid do you have?

You may find the online version here:

The book is made possible by the generous contributions of many artists, including Art & Law Program alumni, friends, and seminar leaders.

Artists include:
Emma Jane Bloomfield
Damien Davis
Molly Dilworth
João Enxuto
Soda Jerk
Clare Kambhu
Alexandra Lerman
Erica Love
Douglas Melini
Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento
Melinda Shades
Elisabeth Smolarz
Gabriel Sosa
Alfred Steiner
Valerie Suter

Happy Colouring!

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