Drawing the Law Isobel Williams Sussex Law School Wednesday 7 November 2018

‘Drawing the Law’ Isobel Williams – Wednesday 7 November 3-5pm (Freeman G31) Sussex Law School, University of Sussex

Isobel Williams is an artist and blogger who occasionally writes about what she draws in the UK Supreme Court, with the court’s permission. She will be asking, how does it look from the public seats and how does the non-lawyer interpret the coded theatre? How does the legal process cauterise emotion? How does drawing in a court fit in with other parts of Isobel’s practice such as drawing Japanese rope bondage in performance?

Isobel Williams blogs  about drawing in the public seats of the UK Supreme Court (with the court’s permission) and elsewhere – for example, she observed court appearances made by the Naked Rambler. The Supreme Court café sells souvenirs including fluffy teddies, and these inspired her book, The Supreme Court: A Guide for Bears.

She undertakes live-drawing work and writes specifically about drawing in court.


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