CfP (Non)fascist living, law, and AI: Actions for posthuman anti-fascist becomings – deadline 1 October 2022

 Venue: Department of Law, the University of Gothenburg 

Dates: 14–16 December 2022 

Deadline for applications: 1 October 2022. 

Proposals for the workshop combining the third ‘Fascism and the International’ workshop (Rose Parfitt) and the first ‘AI, law and non-fascist living’ workshop (Matilda Arvidsson) are warmly invited from scholars, artists and activists whose work engages critically with the past, present or future of fascism, broadly understood, as well as technology (in particular AI), broadly understood. 

The workshop departs from the current posthuman condition and aims to combine two things: sharing and deepening our understandings of fascism as part of our local and global political, economic and legal systems, and develop research- and practice-based creative, radical and experimental knowledges and strategies for non-fascist societies inclusive of humans, more-than-humans, and non-humans. 

The workshop’s two key question are this: 

(1) How do we make sense of, and respond to, a global political, economic and legal system whose central epistemological frameworks offer violence, inequality and unbridled accumulationism as the solution to violence, inequality and unbridled accumulationism? Are there non-fascist modes of living with, despite, or outside of this law? 

(2) And what role for AI and other emerging technologies in this? 

In contrast to the two previous ‘Fascism and the International’ workshops which took place in 2017 (at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City) and 2018 (in Melbourne, organised in collaboration with Liquid Architecture, West Space, the Italian Cultural Institute and at Melbourne Law School’s Laureate Programme in International Law), in Gothenburg we aim to co-develop more radical form of interdisciplinarity in non-fascist living, and looking more deeply into the ways in which fascism is embedded in (the use of) AI and other emerging technologies in society ( This will involve not only juxtaposing against one another our different disciplinary insights and the methods we adopt – say, as legal or AI scholars, composers, historians, painters, sociologists – to the phenomenon of fascist/fascistic thinking or practice and technologies but engaging in a practice of mutual cross-training in the techniques which define our various disciplines, from (de)coding to using blockchain technology, and from pan-frying to participant observation. 

Send your proposals to the organisers, Rose Parfitt (KLS), and Matilda Arvidsson (GU) at, including either an abstract or a short description of ~300 words. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Deadline for applications: 1 October 2022. 

The event is co-sponsored by 

Kent Law School, Gothenburg University, the Australian Research Council, and Melbourne Law School 

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