Cary Young Vision and Justice Symposium Modern Art Oxford May 19 2023

A one day symposium, ‘Vision and Justice’ at Modern Art Oxford on May 19th exploring themes in my solo show ‘Appearance’, including relations between images, law and fiction, and between power, gender and the cinematic. The speakers are a mix of legal theorists, women judges and art historians.

Speakers include:

Prof. Geoffrey Batchen (Uni. of Oxford)

Yasufumi Nakamori (Tate Modern)

Dr. Catherine Grant (Courtauld Institute)

Leslie Primo (independent art historian)

Dr. Valerie Hayaert (Uni. of Warwick Law School)

Prof. Des Manderson (ANU School of Law)

Dr. Joan Kee (Uni. of Michigan)

Plus 3 judges who are featured in the video ‘Appearance’ (2023)

Tickets are £5, free for students. Tickets, schedule and further info at

The exhibition centres on 3 major video installations, plus related works in photography and text, and runs to July 2nd. Reviews include The Observer and Frieze.

The British artist’s enduring fascination with justice and the law has yielded an outstanding new film in a riveting retrospective” – Laura Cumming, The Observer

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