Call for Interim Committee Members to establish a new Scholarly Association for Legal Humanities / Cultural Legal Studies in the UK 18 November 2022

Legal humanities / cultural legal studies refers to the study of the broad concerns of law and justice through the methods and knowledges of the humanities. It encompasses history, culture, art, literature, philosophy, and related disciplines and interdisciplinary areas that might be captured under the term ‘law and humanities’, ‘law and culture’, ‘cultural legal studies’, etc. Such work can at times find expression through current academic platforms within the UK, yet the dedicated scholarly spaces and forms of institutional support for this kind of work are relatively limited. The proposed aim of this Association is to bring together scholars and academics working across the broad fields of the legal humanities and/or cultural legal studies in order to support and facilitate the flourishing of the law, culture, and humanities community and scholarship within the UK and beyond. 

In order to set up this Association, a temporary interim Committee is required to produce and formalise the structures and governance model of the Association. This formative work will then provide the basis for establishing and growing the Association over the coming years. Expressions of interest are thus sought for individuals who want to sit on this interim Committee. 

The roles of this temporary interim Committee will be: 

• to decide on the name of the Association 

• to produce a formal constitution for the Association, including details of its governance mechanics, committee structure, membership, and general aims and activities 

• to set up any other practical necessities, as required, for establishing and running the Association 

• to administer the formal process of convening the permanent Committee under the constitution mentioned above 

• to dissolve itself once this formal process is complete and the Association comes into being 

Expressions of interest should include the following: 

• Name and affiliation 

• Email address 

• Brief CV 

• Short statement outlining suitability/motivation for involvement (200 words) 

Expressions of interest should be emailed 

to by 18 November 2022. 

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