CfP: Roan/M Arts Territory Exchange and RAN (Running Artfully Network)The Tabernacle Machynlleth (deadline 30 April) June 4th 2023


Call for papers

We invite researchers, scholars, activists, practitioners and artists to submit proposals for a symposium to accompany the exhibition Roan/M by Franco-Vietnamese artist Sarah Le Quang Sang (SLQS).

Organised by Arts Territory Exchange and RAN (Running Artfully Network). June 4th 2023 The Tabernacle, Heol Penrallt, Machynlleth, Wales.

We encourage papers and presentations which address the themes of rural diversity, land access, rural mobilities and human-animal/plant/mineral encounters;

For this Symposium; the Arts Territory Exchange and RAN (Running Artfully Network) invite artists, writers and performers for discussions around about ‘other’ bodies in the British and Welsh Landscape and relationships with animals, plants and ‘more than human relations’ which may include interests in proximity, animal perspectives and interspecies hybridity and how these ideas may intersect with rights to roam and land access.

The symposium accompanies the exhibition Roan/M which has emerged from Sarah Le Quang Sang’s two performative works: ‘Find.ers.Keep.ers’ and ‘Áo dài’. The former shedding light on the threat of bridleways becoming extinguished in the UK. The later challenging diversity representation in the British and Welsh landscape. SLQS makes and holds rural space as a woman, a person of mixed heritage, a foreigner, a mother, an artist and an equestrian. She works to decolonise spatial orders from imperialist, sexist and racist structures.

Through a series of performative acts, her work questions ideas around rights to roam, land rights and diversity in the equestrian world. As a Franco-Vietnamese artist and urban-dwelling rider living in East London, she immerses herself in the British and Welsh countryside changing the colour of its landscape.

We invite researchers, activists, practitioners and artists to submit proposals for individual papers that address the above mentioned themes. In addition to academic paper contributions, we welcome proposals in different formats and media: audio-visual material (film, video, photography) digital or physical archives, experiments, performance-documentation, etc.

We want to make the event accessible for interested contributors and will accept applications for both ‘in person’ and virtual content. The virtual presentations will be pre recorded and housed in an interactive date base for audiences to access during the day and available after the event for all ticket holders to access. ‘In Person’ presentations will be scheduled through out the day in The Tabernacle Auditorium. Please state ‘In Person’ or ‘Virtual’ along with your application.

We invite responses to the Roan/m exhibition by Sarah Le Quang Sang and the following themes: Land access / Ethnic Diversity in the rural Landscapes / More than human encounters / Mobile methodologies in the rural /Sub-disciplines or cross-disciplinary areas of concern: performanceart; Mobilities studies; Diversity in the British and Welsh Landscape, Cultural & Social geographies, fine art, Rural studies; Performance Studies; Literary studies; Visual studies; Geohumanities, human-animal affinities.

Contact Gudrun Filipska with a short abstract of 200 words on proposed topic and a 100 word bio. Abstracts to be received by the 30th April 2023.


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