SEAS Workshop

Amongst some wonderful art by Gil Mualem Doron, Migrant English Project, Russell Watkins, Alice Mutasa, Laura Sorvala, Louise Purbeck and Elaine Ortiz of the Hummingbird Project, the Art/Law Network ran a workshop for artists at the SEAS Socially Engaged Art Salon Brighton at the Artists Open Houses Brighton on 20 May 2017.

The day was an opportunity for artists to meet lawyers and vice versa, including:

111-12 – Introduction to the work of the Art/Law Network

The Network was set up in 2015 to facilitate collaboration between, artists, lawyers and agitators of all creeds, to come together for social change. The work so far of the network and its members was be introduced, as well as a discussion that the political potentials of working with art and law can bring.

12-2 – UNION with Distant Animals

This was a sharing of the work, research and experience of two artists and a law academic putting on ‘UNION’, an exhibition with Distant Animals in 2016. UNION was a participatory exhibition of real world responses to the EU referendum. It sought to be an impartial exploration of the issues surrounding the vote, and with the reality of Brexit and a general election coming up, its legal, political and creative tangents are more important than ever.

Discussed was the experience of artists and lawyers working together, the role of art in creating a space to communicate law and an opportunity to see the work itself.

2-3 Artists’ Clinic

Chance to talk to those knowledgeable in the law about creative rights as an artist.

3-4 Chat with the Artists, Lawyers and Art/Law Network

Opportunity to chat with the members of the network, and those visiting.

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