HOMEing Online Seminar Series

Image by Johan Arthursson via Unsplash

The past two years have been tumultuous in many ways, requiring new kinds of thinking, being, and collaboration.  The issues of race, the culture industry, precarity and migration, have arisen throughout the year in various guises, all demanding new ways of responding politically, legally and socially.  

We wanted to bring together the following themes for seminars to prompt members to submit performances, actions, debates, thoughts, papers, videos, artworks, as participants in the series.  It was not an academic series, but one that sought to create the space for members to collaborate and work together on the given themes, with the aim of creating practical advocacy-driven art/law projects and publications as a result. The themes and information on the groups are as follows:

Re-HOMEing: Race, Precarity and Public Space

Research and collaborations with communities in Butetown, Cardiff, on connections between public space, precarity and racial heritage, and how the reclamation of public space can bring about new forms of justice, belonging and social change.

At HOME? Migrants in Art and Migrant Artists’ Rights

Three interactive and collaborative sessions highlighting the migrant in art, migrant artists’ labour rights, and forms of relief through art and law, for those facing borders, their removal and detainment.

HOMEing: Art, Law and Border

A series of panels critically interrogating the relationship between art, law, and borders in an international and interdisciplinary manner, devised across three thematic sessions.

Further details on the seminar series can be found under each group.

Front cover image by Johan Arthursson via Unsplash.

This seminar series was funded by the Socio-Legal Studies Association and the Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Fund.

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