Subverting Censorship Conference






Victoria & Albert Museum
Saturday 21st April 2018

In partnership with Index on Censorship

It has been fifty years since the abolition of theatre censorship in Britain and the Hays Code in American cinema. To commemorate these anniversaries, cultural professionals, academics and artists will explore the ways in which the arts have both conformed with, and actively confronted, shifting codes of what constitutes immoral or obscene material – encompassing film, theatre and art, as well as the cultural institutions which display them.

Confirmed speakers:
Keynote: Julia Farrington (Associate Arts Producer, Index on Censorship)
Professor Steve Nicholson (University of Sheffield)
Keith Lodwick (Curator of Screen Arts, V&A)
Jez Dolan (artist)
Omar El-Khairy (playwright)
Nadia Latif (director)
Dean Atta (poet)
Professor Fay Brauer (University of East London)
Niels Beugeling (Curator of ‘Censorship Expo’, Sound and Image Museum)
Closing remarks: Jodie Ginsberg (CEO, of Index on Censorship)

Part of the V&A Performance Festival 20th – 29th April 2018.

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