Mothiur Rahman

Legal Strategist, The Flow Partnership

Mothiur trained at a top 20 City law firm before working for 7 years as a lawyer specialising in planning, environmental and public law related matters, with a focus on major infrastructure and public authorities.  He resigned in 2012 to begin an inquiry into finding work that engaged his passions for meaning and creativity which led to his co-founding the Community Chartering Network (, studying for a Masters in Ecological Design Thinking at Schumacher College in Devon, and is now setting up his own ecological legal practice called New Economy Law, to build on his experience and learning.  Mothiur supports clients who are passionate about bringing in a more ecological and beautiful world, developing legal strategies with them to unlock new possibilities in a rapidly changing world (

His dissertation study was partly about how the idea of “lawscapes” helps in seeing how the contours of “landscapes” are shaped and moulded over many generations through their interaction with the lawscape (the lawscape in this instance being the set of conceptual metaphors created through the imaginative act that have the capacity to evolve into legal instruments over generations).  He believes Art could help shape a new set of conceptual metaphors for helping sense into the lawscape which wants to emerge.


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