Amanda Perry-Kessaris

Professor of Law, Kent Law School

Amanda specialises in empirically grounded, theoretically informed, cross-disciplinary approaches to law, in particular to the econo-legal. She has qualifications in law, economics and visual communication.

Since 2013 she has been exploring what (primarily graphic) design can do for law—in particular for the type of sociolegal research in which she specialises; and paying attention to law’s roles as a discrete discipline, as part of the wider academic sphere of social sciences and humanities, and as a field of wider social, economic and cultural concern.

Her current project, Sociolegal Model Making, aims to explore the benefits and risks of using design-based strategies, and model-making in particular, to enhance sociolegal research—that is, the systematic reinterpretation of law as a social phenomenon. The objectives are first to reframe the sociolegal research process itself as a social phenomenon that can productively be approached through design-based strategies; and second to provoke and facilitate sociolegal researchers to engage in model making at every stage of their research process.

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