Alice Finden

Alice Finden, Doctoral Researcher

Alice is a doctoral researcher at the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS, University of London. She uses cartography and mapping techniques to trace emotional experiences of law. She is using a queer historical lens to research everyday violence experienced as a result of counter-terrorism legislation and colonial emergency law. Alice is interested in asking questions around artistic and creative methods and methodologies: specifically asking (how) can ‘less visible’ violence and affect be ‘accessed’ ethically, without reiterating violence? She is keen to collaborate on methodological projects working in the overlappings of activism, art and academia. For an MRes in Social Research she tested drawing as a method to expand the therapeutic and reflective potential of the interview space. She is currently using British colonial cartographies as a way to access a more three dimensional understanding of how law may have perpetrated violence. She is also working with participants to create their own emotional maps of London and Cairo in order to better understand the law’s affects and effects.

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