Art/Law as Pedagogy Roundtable

with Jack Tan, Anne Bottomley, Mothiur Rahman, Marie Hutton, Sindi Gordon, Maria Federica Moscati, Charlie Blake, Sean Mulcahy, Swastee Ranjan and Lucy Finchett-Maddock, amongst others

Arts A A155 Wednesday November 29th 1-4pm University of Sussex, Brighton

Artists, lawyers, academics, students, art therapy practitioners, those working with artists facing difficulties, activists and agitators of all creeds joined us for this discussion on the usefulness of communicating art through law, and law through art and all perturbations in between.  We had some fantastic debates around the import of teaching law through art, the role of art in law, the role of the artist and the apparent division between art and not only law but all other areas of life.

We were very excited and happy to be joined by artist-lawyer Jack Tan, famed for his work on the performativity of law and aesthetics, who shared with us his wonderful ‘Karaoke Court’, where we learnt the power of aesthetics, decision and performance.


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